American Poolplayers Association,
Nassau County, NY 516-783-4610

Division Reps

Vinnie Drzewucki, League Manager, 516-695-4889, cell

Eddie Reilly

Marianne Kiernan,

Jeannette Ceballos

If you have a problem, you may contact any division rep regardless of what division you are in. The division reps have all team captains phone numbers. If you need to postpone a match, you must notify the office at 516-783-4610 as well as your opponents team captain. If you are unable to reach me, leave a message and call your division rep. Office hours are 10AM to 6PM Monday-Saturday. Your team risks losing points if you call at any other time.
Sunday and Raxx Divisions matches begin at 7PM, All other nights, matches begin at 7:30 PM. Consistent inconsideration to start times will result in penalties.
A match may be started with one player from each team, but if either team does not have a second player at the time the first match is over, then this will result in a forfeit of the remaining matches. All matches are to be run consecutively.