Pictures from the Northeast Singles Regional II.
Thanks to Deana Clancy!


Andre Ramos with Angelo in the background

Angelo & Deana

Chino Bracamonte

Pat with his 1st place plaque

Rob Mendoza


Mike "Driving."
Are those flashing lights behind you?

Ed & Gil


Rob Mendoza's son, Kyle

Ernie kissing up

Ernie and Marilyn

Jen and Melissa

Maryann and Al Iannotta

Vegas bound
1st Place
Pat Cloghessey

Pat and the player he beat to go
to Las Vegas

Pat keeping score

Shea when he was still standing, notice the beer in the foreground

Shea being Shea
with Deana and Angelo in the background.

Steve Hargett on his best behavior

Guess who wore
this t-shirt


Vinny D and Ed

Dawn & Augie



Mikey Wieber,
(Future APA member)
at the Fall Tri-cup

Deana Clancy at the
team meeting.

Deana and Jeanette
at the team meeting.

Ed & Laura
at the team meeting.

Janine and Keri
at the Fall Tri-cup.

Laura & Jeanette
at the team meeting.

Melissa & Laura
at the team meeting.

Raven Mendoza and
Kyle Mendoza
(future APA players)

Laura & Rob Mendoza
at the team meeting.

Kyle Mendoza,
(Future APA member)

Jordyn Hope Stein
6 months
(Future APA member)